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Still don’t know about the CodedArena Challenge? It is an educational competition that will face teams of 3 or 4 students from different schools, at an international level!

Furthermore, the Python programming languange will be used in all phases of the competition. Want to know more?
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Complete the previous phases

Each team member must have reached CodedArena's 24th mission to qualify for the Challenge Tournament.

The showdown begins

The Challenge Tournament is a competition that will take place within CodedArena's multiplayer mode.

Reach the top of the ranking

All participants have a hidden ELO score and are all placed in the ranking depending on this value. Their ELO increases or decreases depending on the matches' results.

You will never walk alone

All participants belong to a clan, the team they have formed to solve and overcome the previous phases of the competition. The average ELO score achieved by each member will become the team's final score.

A clash of clans

Each team member will program their character individually or in cooperation with the rest of their clan. And, at the beginning of the Challenge Tournament, every day, at dawn, their characters will face one or more opponents. ELO will be won or lost in this way.

Review, adapt, compete

It is important to learn from our mistakes. Participants will be able to review the matches played during the Challenge Tournament, and modify their code as many times as they wish before the next round of matches begins.


With CodedArena and our first international competition you will learn about the benefits of this programming language.


Cooperate, strategize and outdo yourself with the help of your clan.


Winning has its rewards, both for your team and for your school. You can do it!


Follow all the news about the competition on the CodedArena blog or on our website.

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