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CM2, one of the teams settled in the San Francisco de Paula School

A dream team

Know our story

Hello players! We are delighted to be part of this great adventure. We are CM2, formed by Shadow, Luli, Sofa and AINA. We are passionate about programming and, since we studied it in class, we have found it very interesting. That’s why, as soon as we heard about this competition, we decided to sign up.

One of our favorite spells is Lightning, without leaving Speed behind, as it allows you to get away from your opponent so fast that you can heal yourself without any problems. Shadow, without a doubt, is the most strategic player on the team, with code designed to attack fast and keep life at a maximum. Sofa is very good at dodging spells and counterattacking and, above all, tiring the opponent.

Lusi, although attacking is not her speciality, always recovers life and dodges masterfully with the Speed spell, moving swiftly through the battlefield. AINA is also very good at attacking and combining powerful spells.

Our team has strong code, albeit flawed, but we are always ready to clean up our code and ensure victory. Without a doubt, we are delighted with programming and excited to be able to participate in this competition.



Will they be able to win the CodedArena™ Challenge Tournament?