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Los Dementores, one of the teams settled in the Colegio San Francisco de Paula.

The dream team

KNOW OUR story

Greetings! We are Nugoli, Guillhem, Bolly and Nicolas, brave champions of the Azure Order but better known as Los Dementores.


Each of us has a specialty and, although we won’t reveal all of our secrets, we’ll give you a few hints, since we like to be kind to our opponents.
Nugoli enjoys the Magic Hammer spell and is certainly a great attack strategist. Guillhem prefers melee combat and knowing his enemy’s movement. His favorite spells are Slam and Lightning, although he also loves Swipe.
On the other hand, Nico likes to use the the paralyzing spell Slam and the classic Lightning; he always knows what he’s doing. Although, if there is an expert in Slam, it is Lucas, who combines it to perform impressive combos.



Will they be able to win the CodedArena™ Challenge Tournament?