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LLCA, one of the teams settled in the San Francisco de Paula School.

A dream team

Know our story

LLCA is here! We are Titi, LUSY, CaRmEn and GIO222, a team eager to learn, code and compete.


LUSY is capable of writing great code in record time, she’s an ace! It’s also a great ability that lets us succeed in unforeseen situations. CaRmEn is great at maintaining a solid strategy and gathering a lot of mana to cast spells non-stop.

In addition, Titi is very good at analyzing and improving code, selecting the best spells that will lead us to victory. On the other hand, GIO222 is an excellent strategist, he always knows how to plan a good defense, besides being passionate about solving all the challenges we face.

We are a balanced team, ready for anything that comes our way and eager to win the competition. Good coding and good luck to all.



Will they be able to win the CodedArena™ Challenge Tournament?